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We know that the fashion industry has had a negative effect on the environment and that the fashion Industry itself cannot be completely sustainable. With that knowledge we are doing our best as a brand to take necessary steps toward sustainability. There are steps from production to mailing that are used to take those steps including: 

-Using compostable mailers and eco friendly packaging

-Using second hand garments, unwanted materials, deadstock fabric, ,remnants, scraps, and samples

-Making everything in house

-Utilizing all parts of the garment for reworked pieces

-Using scraps to create something new instead of discarding them

-Sourcing locally

-Limiting the amount of new materials added to reworked pieces

We believe in balance in life and so while fast fashion will probably never stop, we wanted to create a brand with environmental mindfulness that helps to counteract the over production and waste. By buying from our brand and other brands similar you are not only helping a small business but helping the environment. As a brand we will continue to seek new knowledge of ways to be more environmentally friendly. Please come with us on our journey as we grow and continue to learn how to be more sustainable.

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