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About Rue is a small business founded by Ruestasha Walker. We operate out of Florida in the US. This is a casual streetwear brand that focuses on the use of recycled fabric and sustainable practices. 


Our Goal

 Our goal is to extend the life of old materials by making them wearable and fashionable again, in turn keeping them from going to a landfill. Helping to create a fashion world with less waste and more durable garments that can be worn for a long time, is part of our goal too. We want you to feel good about buying from us with the knowledge that supporting us means having a positive impact that helps to create a more sustainable fashion industry. 

Meet the Designer

Ruestasha Walker is the creator and designer of Rue. She is a fashion design graduate from Central Michigan University where she attributes the initial concept of her brand. In a Project combining designing and thrifting, two of her many loves, she made her first OG Panel Jacket, not knowing this would be the beginning of creating her dream. After moving to Florida to escape the cold of Michigan, still amidst a pandemic, she started Rue, focused on creating one-of-a-kind garments using sustainable practices. Rue is striving to create a unique brand with a low carbon footprint using unwanted clothing and materials where she said she's 'giving old clothes a new life.'


Outside of running her business Rue enjoys eating as much good food as she can, being licked to death by her two puppies, doing anything competitive that she can talk trash (respectfully), and soaking up the sun with her two favorite people.

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